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Bring the whole family together around charming songs, dances and rhymes that are sure to fill your day with joy while giving your children the benefits of early childhood music education for ages 1-5! 

94 musical activities in repeatable classes give you easy access to the benefits of early music education for all of your young children. The class series includes special 5 minute and 10 minute classes designed for parents on the go!

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Hi! I'm Kathryn Brunner! I'm an early childhood music educator. I am passionate about child development and music literacy. Since earning my license and certification as a Musikgarten instructor in 2005, I have had the privilege of leading thousands of young children in joyful musical play in my own piano and Musikgarten studio, church and community. 

I'm on a mission to help parents and children enjoy making music together! Here at Musik at Home I come alongside parents like you to help you incorporate music into every day life with your little one. I offer a mix of my own developmental music curriculum along with Musikgarten's developmentally sequenced classes by way of video to help you savor precious musical moments and give your child a solid foundation on the path to music literacy!

Essential to your child's success in class are the Musikgarten Family Materials that accompany each class level. The parent books provide lyrics and additional activities for musical play. The CDs/digital downloads provide fully orchestrated music to strengthen your child's musicianship, focused listening skills and deepen the class experience. Once you join Musik at Home, you'll be receive an email with all the information you need to select the family materials that go along with your child's class level.

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Musik at Home exists to help you bring structured music education into your child's life! We also exist to come alongside you and your child to supplement classes you are taking in a local Musikgarten Studio near you. Research shows that children who have access to music education consistently (i.e. at home, school, etc) will receive the most developmental benefits. While our classes are offered online through video instruction for you and your child at home on your own schedule, we recognize the value of in-person early childhood music education and encourage it whenever possible. Please click here to access the Musikgarten Teacher Locator to find an instructor near you.